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Other Services

1151 / 1151A Ionization Detector / 2151 / 2151A Photoelectronic Detector

System Sensor 100 Series Plug-in Smoke Detectors offer superb performance and reli¬ability in a profile which is just 1.6? (4.2 cm) deep. Model 1151 (ionization sensor) and Model 2151 (photoelectronic sensor) share the same sleek low-profile design and can be used with a variety of different adapter bases in several wiring configurations and voltages. Other features include: low current draw, stable performance in high air velocities, built-in tamper resistant base design, remote LED option, removable cover, and built-in test switch.

Abort Station

The Chemetron Fire Systems Abort Station is a manually-activated, electric device designed to let the user suspend discharge of the fixed fire protection system. Noticeably different in appearance from conventional wall-mounted fire alarms, the station is activated by lifting the switchguard cover, which breaks the protective seal and allows the toggle switch to be pushed into the ON position.

Agent Release Control Panel

The Micro 1012 is a six zone conventional control panel for single and dual hazard agent releasing applications. The Micro 1012 provides reliable fire detection, sig¬naling and protection for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings requiring agent-based releasing. The control panel is compatible with conventional input devices such as Hochiki two-wire smoke detectors, four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices, tamper switches and other normally-open contact devices. Refer to the Device Compatibility Document for a complete listing of compatible devices.

Alarm Bells

Conventional Fire Alarm Pull Station

The NOTIFIER NBG-12 Series is a cost-effective, feature-packed series of non-coded manual fire alarm pull stations. It was designed to meet multiple applications with the installer and end-user in mind. The NBG-12 Series features a variety of mod¬els including single- and dual-action versions. The NBG-12 Series provides an alarm initiating input signal to conventional fire alarm control panels (FACPs) such as the SFP Series, and to XP Transponders. Its innovative design, durable construction, and multiple mounting options make the NBG-12 Series simple to install, maintain, and operate.

Fargo Dual Sided Printer

Rely on it for more than good looks.

The HDP5000 is exceptionally reliable, which means less printer downtime. Because the printhead never comes in contact with card surfaces or debris, it’s never damaged in the printing process. In fact, it carries a lifetime warranty. Cards produced by High Definition Printing are inherently more durable and secure than other types of cards. They resist wear and tear by putting a durable layer of HDP Film between the card image and the outside word.

Fargo Single Sided Printer

The simple way to personalize photo ID cards.

Persona by Fargo is all about simple, reliable and affordable ID card printing. Persona ID Card Printers are designed for everyone who wants to make great-looking plastic ID cards, but doesn’t need cards with high-security features. Persona delivers sharp, colorful, durable plastic ID cards for hundreds of applications, such as company and school IDs, access cards, and membership and customer loyalty cards.

Horn Strobe

ABS Housing in Red

    Operating Range:6-15
  • Rated current:300
  • Rated Voltage(VDC):12
  • SPL:110±3
  • G.W.(kgs):14.5
  • QTY(pcs):100
  • Meas(mm):580*240*450

    Micro XLT Supression - Fire Alarm Control Panel

    The Micro XLT is the technologically most advanced conventional single hazard agent releasing unit available to the fire alarm / suppression industry today. It combines the high quality, system reliability, and flexibility required by modern commercial, high-tech and industrial applications in an aesthetically pleasing and physically robust package. The Micro XLT is well equipped to handle all special hazard extinguishing systems due to the high degree of programming flexibility provided and a full complement of input and output circuits.

    Panic Button

    ABS Plastic or Metal Case Body Contact Mode: COM., N/O

    • ABS Plastic Or Metal Case Body
    • Contact Mode: COM.,N/O

      • Specifications:

          Operating Range:6-15
        • Rated current:300
        • Rated Voltage(VDC):250
        • G.W.(kgs): 9
        • QTY(pcs):216
        • Meas(mm):375*375*20

      Ticket Dispenser


      • Barrier gate arm is automatically raised and customer allowed entry after taking ticket or retrieving pass card after valid read
      • One slot (TF-2800N) or two separate slots (TF-2900N) for ticket dispensing and pass card insertion
      • Magnetically codes and prints entry information on tickets
      • Allows access by debit card, monthly pass, and special event pass card holders (TF-2800N/2900N)
      • Optional LCD display featuring user-friendly instructions
      • Optional intercom call station for customer assistance
      • Automatic backout and void ticket control
      • Anti-passback and validity check capabilities to prevent illegal entry